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    Quedgeley Quiz Answers

    Well done to everyone who had a go at the quiz, especially Mr and Mrs B of Hardwicke who stopped me in Tesco to say how much they had enjoyed doing...

    By sj_ashenford at 19:25 on 19/12/09, 0 comments

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    Quedgeley Quiz

    How well do you know your local community? Have a go at our fun quiz and find out. The answers will be published on Friday!
    1. Which natural...

    By sj_ashenford at 10:39 on 14/12/09, 0 comments

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    Merry Christmas to everyone in Quedgeley,...

    sj_ashenford commented on the Discussion "Merry Christmas to everyone in..." at 10:13 on 14/12/09

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    Merry Christmas to everyone in Quedgeley,...

    By sj_ashenford at 10:13 on 14/12/09, 1 reply

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    Celebrating local talent and commitment

    A special event to recognise the talent and commitment of local coaches, officials, volunteers and clubs is being organised for the New Year.

    By sj_ashenford at 21:09 on 13/12/09, 0 comments

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    Sparkling stories at Quedgeley Library

    Add a little Christmas Tinsel and Sparkle to your festive preparations with a visit to Quedgeley Library's Storytime on Monday December 21st.

    By sj_ashenford at 21:04 on 13/12/09, 0 comments

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    Delightful school show

    A very grumpy sheep brought a big smile to the faces of parents at Hardwicke School this week.

    Key Stage 1 pupils put on a performance of The...

    By sj_ashenford at 12:31 on 08/12/09, 0 comments

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    The Three Musketeers

    It's France, in the 17th century. King and country are in peril at the hands of the dastardly Cardinal Richlieu. But a young hero, D'Artgnan from...

    By sj_ashenford at 14:12 on 04/12/09, 0 comments

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    Race Night in Quedgeley

    Sponsors are needed to ensure that a Race Night in Quedgeley next year will be a run-away success.

    The Friends of Severn Vale are holding...

    By sj_ashenford at 13:21 on 02/12/09, 0 comments

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    Clock repairs under way

    Fund-raising is continuing for repairs and refurbishment to Quedgeley church clock.

    Local people had been missing the familiar chimes after...

    By sj_ashenford at 13:17 on 02/12/09, 0 comments

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