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I am SICK AND TIRED of the amount of dogs off their lead along the pathways of Quedgeley. Again this morning I have had some dog growling and barking around me with their owner miles behind. Did I even get a 'sorry' no I certainly did not.
I walk my young children to school every day and have to be dodging dog muck everywhere that has been left by idiotic dog owners who can't be bothered to clean up after their own pets. There are some lovely paths and walkways in quedgeley and yet you can't walk along any of them for long before encountering yapping dogs or skipping over muck HAVE SOME CONSIDERATION!!! Its not the animals I object to its some of the STUPID dog owners who have no consideration for anyone but themselves.


By sickofdogs at 09:40 on 16/05/11

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    I agree dogs off leads and not under control are a pain. Have you thought of taking a picture of it and/or the owner and forwarding it to the police. I realise you would have to be careful as some people/ may object to having their or their dogs photo taken but it may help if they get pictures of the same dogs over and over again.

    By alan_r at 15:22 on 16/05/11

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    I agree too. There is a lot of lovely paths and walks in Quedgeley which are very popular with dog walkers and seeing dog mess everywhere is enough to put anyone off that certain path. Unruly dogs are another problem that effects everyone from people out walking with their children to other dog walkers whose dogs are vulnerable to attack from other unruly dogs off their lead. Again the lack of concern that some dog owners have for the actions of their dogs is completely wrong, if a dog jumps up at you or your children then the least the owner can do is apologise. Not all dog owners are like this but unfortunately a few selfish dog owners are giving everyone a bad name.

    By EmmaRoberts11 at 17:43 on 16/05/11

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    The government needs to get to the root of the problem, i.e; irresponsible/unfit dog owners. It seems there are no laws on dog ownership these days - buy a licence, and anyone is free to buy a dog. Many families who can barely afford to feed and clothe their own children see nothing wrong in buying a dog or two, or sometimes even more. There should be STRICTER controls bought in to deter those who are in no position to properly care for pets! VET bills alone cost a fortune; all the vaccinations for dogs, which are essential. Looking at some of the dog owners in the area, something tells me they do not bother with veterinary visits! Some treat dogs as a status symbol/ a fashion accessory.

    By LJPoppy at 12:31 on 29/12/12


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