Gloucester council could be harming our families and our children.

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By masar | Friday, December 21, 2012, 08:46

Childrens services in Gloucester a part of our local

authority are failing the children of Gloucester and failing the taxpaying

people of Gloucester.

When all we read about and hear on the news is how bad

the wages are for civil servants and the public sector workers of Gloucester. I

am disgusted to see that the so called pay freeze has not happened and that

hundreds of thousands of public sector workers enjoyed a pay rise.

I am especially disgusted with this because of the way Childrens

services seem to be on a relentless mission to upset happy normal family lives

by sticking their noses in where they are not wanted and most certainly not


I wonder how many young parents are being monitored and

watched all the time because there child went to see the doctor with a cold and

the bruise on his head was noticed.


Wallop alarm bells ring this child is clearly being

abused. The fact that the child is 1 year old and fell while learning to walk

will not be heard. It must be abuse and these young parents need to be educated

in parenting. I don't mean to be sarcastic or make light of a real problem. Yes

children do get abused. Perhaps if Childrens services put more effort into

protecting them and spent less time harassing decent loving families' stories

about children dying because the system let them down would not be so frequent.


This one year old child bumped his head when he took a

tumble trying to walk. And now his parents are being educated with the

government tried and tested guide to being a parent.

We all know this manual exists and we all know it must be

the correct way to raise a child. Let's face it all children are exactly the

same. They all start walking at the same age they all learn to talk at the same

time in life.

This is a fictional story but this scenario will be

similar to someone's experience in Gloucester.

I wonder how many parents will have something to say

about the very poor service our local authority offers our families and our

children. Do all of Gloucester's social workers really need to go looking for

families to pick on to justify their wages?


Have you been affected by Childrens services interfering unnecessarily

in your happy home?

Tell your story here and let's try to put things back on

track. Our council tax pays their wages so they work for us. (Probably

shouldn't say that it gets their backs up)


It is true I am dead against these people poking their

noses into the lives of decent folk. They are not wanted they cause more harm

than good and while they are concentrating their efforts on you a child at real

risk goes unnoticed.


How many of you have thought twice about taking your

child to the doctor through fear of being accused of abusing the child. This in

itself is dangerous a child could miss out on needed medical help all because

social workers and their big noses like to poke about in our lives.


The real risk to our children comes from our very own

local authority Gloucester City Council.

If childrens services are in your life unnecessarily make

a complaint, mention it on here tell the world what they are doing and how it

is making you feel. I can guarantee when they get involved they will never

leave you alone they will make your once happy home sad and miserable. These

people should be held accountable for the upset they cause and the distress to

normal decent people just trying to live a happy life. Our local authority

obviously do not know how these people cause more harm than good when they come

into your home and start telling you how you should be living according to the

government hand book.  It is a fact that

more relationships break up when a social worker has been involved in their

family life. The stress this causes is sometimes too much to take.

It is also true that couples are more likely to fall out

and argue when a social worker is involved in the raising of their child. Do

these people not realise the damage they are doing. Tell me if I'm wrong!


Have your say if we all stick together perhaps they might

listen and work more with us than against us. And the next time I see a social

worker staggering down the street drunk I might have the courage to tell them

how they should live their life.



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